Death Of A Salesman Character Analysis Essay

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Linda takes care of the home and plays a good role of a supporting wife. Linda understands Willy’s flaws and imperfections, but she still loves Willy deeply: “ I don’t say he's a great man…” When Biff and Happy came back home and visited the two of them, Linda were disappointed and leactured Biff for not giving enough care and respect to his father. But it is also the support Linda provides that leads Willy into the illusory world. Linda’s constant support lead to Willy’s death. When Linda noticed Willy’s strange behaviours, she escapes to face the problem and forces herself to tolerate Willy. Linda thinks that her only responsibility is to comfort Willy and encourages him, but at the same time, it results in a situation that Willy is confused about the reality and the illusion. Willy is unable to figure out who real he is.”Willy: I'm fat. I'm very---foolish to look at, Linda...... Linda: Willy, darling, you're the handsomest man in the world…” (1143) mending stocks…show more content…
In the family, Willy has always believed that Biff has more potential to succeed compared to himself. He has a modest job as an assistant after living in his brother’s shadow. He wants attention and approval from his parents. Once in a conversation between Willy and Biff, he said that he lost weight, but Willy did not give him the attention he wanted. Happy admires his brother Biff and looks up to him a lot. In Act 1, the brother plan their future dream to have a farm. They are both dreamers and they want to accomplish together. When Biff refuses to live a delusional life and lie to himself, he noticed that his father fills them with fantasies that they always believe. Happy deny his positions and exaggerate details to make himself to feel superior, and his life always revolves around an active pursuit of affairs with many women: "I hate myself for it. Because I don't want the girl, and, still, I take it and — I love

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