An Essay On Sangha Day

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Nothing is lost in the universe: Nothing could be lost, nor found. matter becomes energy, energy turns back o matter. A leaf becomes into soil and seed becomes a plant. we are born of our parents and our children are born of us. We are similar to plants and animals; we are similar to everything. If we destroy something around us have became destroyed so animal killing is not accepted. Everything changes. Life always changes it goes slowly. As we are safe, always something we don’t expect happens. Other life’s keeps forming. The world is round. Law of cause and effect: Karma as we say , we deserve what happens to us, what we worked for , good or bad. What we do in previous life is our karma. our actions show the life we should have good actions…show more content…
People go to the refuge or even become monks. dharma day which is in July, the ceremony of the five monks at beneras. Sangha day which is a ceremony in October, where going three month to be treated when it is raining. Monks should go wearing their robes. Ullambana, it is a ceremony of about mandgalyana mother passed away, he went to hell and suffered from hunger, the food he bought his mother was turning to hot coals. She deserved it she was greedy and a good person. So she is unhappy, it takes place in September. Buddha day which celebrated the birth of Buddha. Only veggie food will be served in this day, birds, animals are free, the temples will be decorated by having with flowers. Some tales: The tale of the wounded swam: a prince Siddhartha and his cousin walked in the woods while walking they saw a swam . the cousin killed him while prince married and saved the bird. While cousin wanted to kill him, the prince suggests that the court of the ministers and decide. The ministers decided that the swam should be with Dedevadatta while one believed it should be in the hand of the prince but one minister said only the prince should have to the prince because he saved

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