Essay On Facial Appearance

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Facial appearance exerts significant impacts on a man's life which can entail far-reaching positive but also negative consequences. Previous research indicates that the facial appearance provides some valid information about its wearer. While a broad range of personality traits and health outcomes has been found to be associated with facial appearance, the research literature is still far from conclusive. Therefore, the primary aim of the present thesis is to gain new insights into the facial appearance and its association with both personality and health. The research literature had been systematically reviewed and - based on this theoretical background - two empirical studies were conducted. The purpose of the two empirical studies is to…show more content…
To date, however, only a few studies have investigated the mechanisms by which fWHR associates with dominance, and many of them failed to consider important confounding or moderating factors. In particular, the moderating role of social, psychological, and biological factors, that might determine whether face shape is associated with behavioral traits of dominance, needs to be further established. Therefore, future research should incorporate potential influencing factors when investigating the link between fWHR and dominance. Social status has been shown to be an important influencing factor on the link between fWHR and actual aggressive behavior. However, it is not yet clear whether social status influences the link between fWHR and other personality traits but also self-reports of aggression. Besides social status, testosterone seems to play an important role in the relation between fWHR and personality. As testosterone is responsible for the development and expression of both face shape and dominant behavioral traits, it is assumed to be the underlying mechanism linking both. However, while some research showed a positive association between baseline testosterone and fWHR, the link could
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