How Elements Affect The Reader's Interest

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The elements of a thesis should invoke the reader’s interest, even if they don’t share the same views with the author. The first element should be expressed in a single sentence. It should use a focused opinion that outlines the material that follows. The sentence should be worded accurately to decisively point out the writer’s opinion. According to chapter 6 of “The Sundance Writer”, the thesis should be shrewdly planned according to the impact needed to get the readers support. The thesis could appear in one of three different places; the beginning, the middle or the end of an essay. If it is used in the beginning of the essay, it should clearly outline the subject of supporting fasts, by making an impact statement. If used in the middle, you should use supportive information that would introduce your…show more content…
Most people would assume having a pet is a hassle. Their minds automatically turn’s to the mess they make, the amount of time that’s involved in training a pet, and the cost associated with caring for an animal, but there are many attributes to owning a pet as well. According to WebMD (2014), there are 28 ways that owning a pet can improve emotional, mental, and physical health. When thinking of getting a pet people should also take into consideration the attributes they offer. Some of the pros of owing a pet include reduced blood pressure, reduced stress, and mood control, promotes a healthier heart, and induces the need for more exercise. In 2014, Any Flowers DVM conducted a study for WebMD on the subject. She found that becoming a pet owner offered more than just a hassle. One of the most interesting points she made was in that of diabetic patients. She stated that animals could sense when a patient was about to experience a low and would alert the patient to eat a snack. She also points out how owing a dog could help a person who has chronic

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