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Framework of the Study Happiness has been under the lens of various fields of study. Several associations to different variables have been established and its influence and impact. The following are researches, discussions, literary readings and reviews that scaffold the researcher’s idea, motivation and purpose of the scale development. Figure 1 presents the relationship of the concepts and theories included in the development of the happiness scale .The ideas of qualities of life, kinds of satisfaction, three dimensions of happiness, and Aristotle’s thought of happiness hold a singular concept which is there are various sources or determinants of happiness. Happiness of an individual is immensely affected by different factors both internal…show more content…
It has been one of the primary concerns of the government, school, community, and home. Happiness for other people is a matter of choice and it is equated with the word “quality of life” or “well-being” (Veenhoven, 2006). Veenhoven stressed on the four qualities of life which he denoted as happiness. The first quality of life is the livability of the environment which refers to the good living conditions. It is also denoted as welfare by most economists. Veenhoven used the word livability for it refers explicitly to a certain characteristic of the environment. In other fields, politicians and social reformers commonly emphasized the quality of life as happiness and argued that one can live in admirable circumstances but still be unhappy because of inability to reap the…show more content…
In biology, the phenomenon is referred to as adaptive potential and in medical term it is labeled as health. Utility of life is the third quality of life; it explains that a good life must be a good for something more than itself. It pushes the idea that life has a purpose and it can be tested in ecological preservation and cultural development. And lastly, the satisfaction with life represents the inner outcomes of life. It deals with the conscious subjective appreciation of life. It is also termed as subjective well-being, life satisfaction, and

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