Liberalism In The Cold War

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Introduction: Although the Cold War seems to be an ideological rivalry between the capitalism and capitalism, it accidentally catalyzes a great myriad of transnational cooperation and the reinvention of liberalism. Liberalism has evolved to be a dominant political ideology, neoliberalism, since 1970s. The notion of neoliberalism is that transnational institutions are conducive to global changes, harmony and prosperity through launching international programme. Differed from other theories solely recognizing the sovereign states as the only actor, neoliberalism also emphasizes the participation of other actors, such as the transnational corporations (TNC), which are the enterprises conduct economic activities or production of goods and services…show more content…
In the light of the main theme of neoliberalism, one may also conclude globalization is beneficial to all. Still, globalization would also engender some challenges, for instances, the North/ South division, to all. Therefore, this thesis destines to discuss the deficiencies and benefits of globalization from the political, economic, cultural and sociological perspectives. Free Market and Trade: The Road to Economic Prosperity only? Even after the end of the most catastrophic War in 1945, the western states have started to organize plentiful trade unions or economic associations, such as the Benelux Union, European Economic Community (EEC) and the Organization of Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), and so forth. Not only could these multilateral platforms accelerate the post-war reconstruction, but also preventing impoverished states became vulnerable to communism through promoting free trade. Seeing that free trade can foster the international division of labour according to countries’ comparative advantage as…show more content…
Thanks to the establishment of various transnational institutions under the reincarnation of liberalism, these states become more willingly to alleviate their vendettas and restrain their provoking behaviours through the signing the Declaration on the Conduct of Parties in the South China Sea involving the participants of the ASEAN+10 dialogue. Although military drills or military confrontations among states sometimes occur, no total war has ever been kindled. Thus, it is sensible to conclude issues can be resolved through multilateral

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