Trends In The 1960s Essay

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Canada in the 1950's was the height of conservatism throughout the masses. However, the 1950's was also an era of vigorous medical testing and even came to be colloquially know as the “pill popper” era1. Specifically in the 50s, the active testing of the drug d-lysergic acid diethylamide or known as LSD or the colloquial term of the 60s as “acid”, was especially used throughout psychiatric and military testing even2! The trends in the 60s showed the beginning dangers of the drug and soon became vilified. The 50's were a much more accepting time in the testing of LSD, the 60s however, showed that perceptions of LSD can drastically change. This can also be noted in the difference of users that dramatically changed during the 50s and 60s. The…show more content…
They cannot cope with the overpowering effects of the drug... Case histories show a slipping in achievement in every phase of life. Secrecy that surrounds the use of LSD and all illicit drugs tends to drive young people into groups separated from the rest of society10 Which once again proves that those who stray away from conformity is an obvious target and threat to the society as a whole. As I have stated before, this is simply another way that the RCMP's and essentially the goverment's continued crusade of alternate lifestyles continuing from the Red scare fro the 50's until now. I have noted the shift of users from the 50s-60s and the RCMP's continued persecution of those that do not conform within society. The hippies and their attitude against establishment shows that the baby boomer generation reacting negatively against suburbia and conformist norms of the 40s and 50s. Due to this reaction against the conformist lifestyle norms of that era, this had garnered the attention of the RCMP which proceeded to pursue a policy similar to their doctrine during the “red scare”. It is interesting to note this comparison between two similar doctrines of the RCMP as it pretty much highlights the themes in the 60s which was to try and maintain the status quo of a conformed

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