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Many times, in the Christian community, there is no discourse about the LGBT community apart from the generalized statements. This is a problem because all areas regarding the LGBT community should be discussed. These “untouchable” subjects, if talked about with love as the central focus, can lead to productive, humbling conversations. With this in mind, I grew up neither denying nor supporting members of the LGBT community. This may have been because it was not something that was very prevalent during my time growing up, nor in my community, but as I grew older, I started hearing more from my church about this as well as from outside of the church. I mostly heard that it was a sin, but I have been raised to respect everyone no matter their…show more content…
I began to explore the topics within the LGBT community in high school when one of my friends came out as gay and the other first as a lesbian and then transgender. As time passed, they became two of my closest friends. I can say that towards the beginning of the friendship I was always a bit anxious about how they viewed me because I was active in my faith and neither of them were. For a while, I was always very self-conscious about what I believed in, but I later learned that to them my faith was not something that would break our friendship but instead they saw me as a big support in their lives. I can vividly remember times when they have asked me to pray for them, and I was delighted to do so not because I wanted to change them, but because it filled my heart to be able to share something so special to me with them just like they can share and trust me. While they consider me as a pillar in their life, there are times when I do not understand some things and when I do not know how to help. Marin (2009) really helped me reflect on this because he talked about how the most important thing one can do for the members of the LGBT community is to be there and try to understand. No judgment, no hate, no closed-ended questions, and no inequality instead trust, love, open-ended questions and

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