Importance Of LGBT Identity In The Philippines

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decade—though they note that this figure is based only on individual cases that go public. This situations mostly happened based on religion and beliefs, one of the common situations in the Philippines is between Catholic and Iglesia ni Kristo. In January 2011 a proposal to add LGBT identity questions to the Common Application, a national organization representing a few hundred colleges and their admission process, was denied. The proposal by Campus Pride and Common Application institutional members had requested the addition of such questions to their national application. The Common Application cited as the reason for denying the request their concern over the “anxiety and uncertainty students may experience when deciding if and how they…show more content…
Most of the respondents agreed that they discriminate based on their gender in accessing public establishments. According to National Center for Transgender Equality (2018) Denial of access to a public restroom that is consistent with person’s gender identity may be discrimination based on sex and/or gender identity. Many state and local laws, or official interpretations of those laws, explicitly protect this right; however, in a few states the laws have been interpreted not to protect this right. While most states currently have no official guidance on this issue, you may file a complaint of discrimination with your state or local human rights agency if you are denied equal access to restrooms. Restrooms are one of the basis of discrimination of LGBT community, people who got “awkward” when they can’t accept a LGBT using the same restrooms as they used. Gay and transgender Americans may be discriminated against in renting or buying housing due to antigay or transphobic landlords and property managers. Health care providers, too, may harbor animus toward gay and transgender individuals and consequently deliver suboptimal care or even refuse to see patients who identify as such. And gay and transgender individuals may experience an outright refusal of services…show more content…
According to Daily Telegraph Reporter (2010) A Lambeth council spokesman confirmed that an investigation had begun. “The registrars’ service has never declined to administer a civil partnership enquiry, booking, taking of a notice or indeed delivering a ceremony or registration,” the spokesman said. “We are very clear that no one has, or ever will in the future, be turned down for a civil partnership for any reason other than that we cannot accommodate the date or time they request.” The names of the two registrars alleged to have avoided conducting ceremonies have not been disclosed. The investigation follows the case of Lillian Ladele, a registrar at Islington in north London who refused to conduct civil partnership ceremonies because they were against her Christian beliefs. The church starts with the understanding that there are differences between man and woman. The differences are not just anatomical and physical but psychological and spiritual Fr. Ranhilio Aquino, dean of San Beda Graduate School of Law, said he does not see the Catholic Church changing its doctrine

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