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Kadidia Tall Nursing 281 (Pathophysiology I) Research Paper (Left Heart Failure) Professor White 27 September 2015 Introduction: The human body is a wonderful machine, but sometimes it can have mechanical break downs Within it. One of the many break downs is the Left Heart Failure this disease is a very progressive disorder and once it starts, anything short of a transplant is hard to fix. The Left Heart Failure which is the injury to the heart will cause a lot of damage to the cardiovascular within the muscle system. The damage to the Left Heart will cause fluid to congest or to have inadequate blood flow into the tissue. Left heart failure will move to the underlying heart tissue and cause injury, this is a…show more content…
In closing, the impact that Left heart damage will have on the patient both physically and psychologically will cause its own set of problems. It is important to have a medical plan and a mental health plan in place to address all the issues that will occur. Left heart failure is a total combination of life decision and consequence of which all have had led to the condition of the heart. Etiology: Research has shown that Left-sided heart failure is a very life-threatening medical condition by which our hearts can’t get enough blood to all of the parts of the body. When discussing the left side heart failure, we know that the heart will get the blood rich O2 that is coming from the lungs, it then will be pumped throughout the rest of the body. As the left side of the heart fails, it greatly reduces the ability to pump blood in the right direction. The left side of the heart will decrease in strength; this in turn prevents the rest of the body receiving the required oxygen this can be seen, especially when exercising, this will cause fatigue. Other concerns that could occur would be extra pressure within veins, increased lung pressure, this could cause…show more content…
The clinical classification of Left side heart failure is widely used in evaluations and used within the clinical manifestation. One of the main thing that will happen will be the “Breathlessness”, this tends to be the cardinal symptom of LV failure, it could manifest by progressively increasing in severity. The symptoms could be: Exertional dyspnea-Orthopnea- Paroxysmal nocturnal dyspnea-Dyspnea at rest-Acute pulmonary edema. Some of the other cardiac issues that are associated with heart failure this includes some issues with chest pains/pressure and chest palpitations. Some of the more common manifestations of left-heart failure, are things for which are of noncardiac issues and signs that are associated with left heart failure: this would be having nausea, also anorexia, some weight loss, lots of fatigue, serious bloating, mild nocturia, weakness of limbs, and mental symptoms of associated with several different areas of severity, they range from some memory impairment and lots of

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