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Introduction: The term broadcasting media covers a wide range of different communication methods such as television and radio. Broadcast media transmits images and sounds electronically and engages more senses than reading and includes audio as well as motion for television. The term broadcasting gives the connotation of spreading something widely to a large heterogeneous audience. The medium that is mostly used in broadcasting is radio and television. In a broadcasting media house, there are number of people who are crucial in the running of affairs the organisation. Despite having distinct roles this individuals contribute to the success or failure of a broadcast media house. They include editors, producers, news anchors, journalists, camera people,…show more content…
Techniques for writing for broadcast (Garagiola, 2003) captures the techniques of writing for TV and radio in what he calls as the 10 commandments of news writing. They are write in the 'active' voice, erase “to be” verbs from your news writing vocabulary, get to the point, say what you mean and mean what you say, get more with less, no cliches, listen, keep it simple, write the way you speak and lastly get it write. There are some principles that a writer should utilise to stick to this rules. The most important is sticking to the 5w and H rule. This means that a writer should in a few words describe Who, What, When, Where, Why and How the event took place. For example if a journalist is covering the story of a fire in Kibera they should first explain who were the casualties, what caused the fire, when did the fire start, where did the fire incident occur, why did the fire start and how. Without answering this six questions a journalist will be left with holes in their stories and will therefore not give the listener or viewer the full story. The inverted

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