Elvis Presley Conspiracy

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Most people know Elvis Presley as the “King of Rock and Roll” that prematurely died of heart failure at the age of forty-two. The dispute over his death involves the fact that numerous Elvis sightings have been recorded over the years after his documented date of death, including a sighting of him at an airport leaving the country two hours following his death. People purported he used an alias of John Burrows as a means of escape from the country due to fame, and/ or debts to mafia. Specifically, Elvis desired to get away from fame because he was tired of his fans. Yet another reason he left the country was to escape the mafia, for Elvis had known involvement as a user of drugs. Another reason for his faked death was due to his work for the…show more content…
The storyline behind the his death derives from Elvis having heart failure caused from lack of care for his health and his body. According to his autopsy report and a “thorough” examination of his body, heart failure was the primary cause of his death (“Autopsy Report of Death Elvis Presley, Elvis Autopsy, n.d.). Another detail underscored in the autopsy were the eleven drugs in Elvis’ system at the time of his death; however, all of these drugs were prescribed drugs. The ambiguity from the autopsy report exists and causes conflicting points of view because the reason for cause of death came after Dr. Eric Muirhead and Dr. Noel Florredo, who were present for the autopsy on Elvis, “...concealed the facts by attributing the cause of death to a massive heart attack” (Frydman, 1998, para. 1). This piece of evidence supports a cover…show more content…
| Elvis News,” n.d.). This confusion carried over to Elvis’ gravestone, and people wonder why this misspelling occurred on his grave marking (Southwell & Twist, 2008). Believers in the conspiracy understand why this has happened. The reason for the mistake is due to Elvis not being dead, and they [Elvis’ family] were trying to tell the world he is still alive. Another strange practice by the Elvis family was a custom made coffin the day of Elvis’ death. Another occurrence purported was that Elvis had visited multiple funeral homes during the night hours leading up to his death (Southwell & Twist, 2008). These details when added together make it seem as if Elvis had his death planned

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