Serial Killer Nature Vs Nurture

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Both Nature and Nurture “I don’t feel guilty for anything. I feel sorry for people who feel guilt.” This famous quote from the infamous serial killer Ted Bundy shows just how complex the mind of a serial killer is. There are so many questions that even scientists cannot answer. But the most important of them all is what makes a serial killer kill? Statistically, there is no evidence that links things that happen in childhood to becoming a serial killer. But, there is evidence saying that some serial killers are born with a chromosome abnormality that begins to show during puberty. But what if the reason they kill is both? The debate shouldn’t just be Nature vs. Nurture but a combination of the two. Even though there are misconceptions about the motives of serial killers, their…show more content…
Some serial killers would fantasize during childhood about mutilating themselves or their genitals. They will even fantasize about their own traumas, over and over again. As children, serial killers will never tell anyone about these fantasies. These fantasies will get worse as they hold it in. Before their first murder they will fantasize about it so that they can make it perfect. Performing Violent Acts on Animals. Serial killers start out the act of killing on animals. Almost 100% of serial killers started out on animals. “… 99% of them – admitted that they started by acting out their violent fantasies on animals before graduating to human beings” (Gerber, “Traits of Potential Serial Killers”). These violent acts are very pleasurable to young serial killers. They use this to perfect the art completely and later use the same violent acts on humans. Physical Injuries. Head injuries received during accidents have been suggested as a very important link to aggressive and violent behavior. Things that cause this kind of trauma are abuse or accidental injuries. Injuries like these may cause violent outburst because head injuries may cause damage to the hypothalamus and temporal

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