Leadership In Lord Of The Flies Essay

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Leadership Roles When reading “Lord of the Flies” it is easy to see almost right away the two boys that will try to take the leadership role. Almost at the beginning of the book Ralph and Jack compete for the vote of the boys. When Ralph wins Jack doesn’t take his role as chief very seriously. He still believes that he should’ve been the one to become chief. Jack never makes an effort to follow the instructions Ralph put before him. The two boys have very different leadership styles. Ralph uses a more sensible approach in his role as leader.“We've got to have rules and obey them. After all, we're not savages. We're English, and the English are best at everything.” He is always trying to make sure that everyone that has something to say is…show more content…
He would always do things before thinking about the outcomes. For example when he heard a pig squealing he convinced all the boys to hunt it even though they were told to watch the fire, causing a passing ship to miss their island. After he was confronted about it by Ralph he was only remorseful for a brief time. Jack is the boy that has always thought that he should be the leader from the vert beginning, ‘"I ought to be chief," said Jack with simple arrogance’. When Jack became leader he became very dictator like. He would not listen to any other boys and if something that he didn’t like was said the person that said it was punished. He made all the boys that followed him believe everything he said including the lie that the beast would always be there. The boys started treating him like a savage king instead of a democratically chosen leader. In the book it doesn’t seem like any of the other boys are willing to take the responsibility of being chief. When Ralph suggests electing a chief most the boys start chanting "A chief! A chief!". They are more than happy with having a limited amount of responsibility. If the book didn’t have Ralph or Jack as characters only two other boys would want the role of the leader, Piggy and Roger. These are the only two other boys that seem to have an incline to want more
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