Salvagery In Lord Of The Flies Research Paper

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Lord Of the Flies essay rough draft Write a creative title related to your question Noah Graves Ms. McIntyre ENG2D1 Nov 19, 2014 Salvagery is not the best way to survive but sometimes it is the only way to survive. You have to be strong, fierce and, brave to do what is necessary in the brink of survival. Being nice will only slow you down you might survive but for how long? You can only be as strong as your will, create a new society you have to run like the prime minister of Canada or president of the United States of America. Being weak will be your downfall you need to become something else. No matter how hopeless or dark it may seem you must not give up always find a solution at any cost. Lost of innocence is a small price to pay for…show more content…
Indent in a new line Ralph believes in rules and morals that is his nature. Ralph uses the conch as an item of power he blows into it to gather the boys. Moreover he blows into the shell to gather the boys, “Ralph pursed his lips and squirted air into the shell which emitted a low farting noise.” (Golding 12, 17-18) Since Ralph grouped the boys together by the conch the shell has a new found value and power. The conch was the biggest rule on the island. Who ever had it got to talk and has the power like a judge and a gavel enforcing the rules. In addition Ralph wants to run a civilization on the island by a democracy, he wants to be the leader. Next the boys vote for a chief, “Every hand outside the choir except piggy’s was raised immediately. Than piggy, too raised his hand grudgingly into the air. Ralph counted I’m chief then.”(Golding 19, 15-19) Ralph being the leader tries to bring order to chaos on the island they are stuck on. Moving on in chapter 2 Ralph’s two primary objectives is to save everybody on the island, “If we have a signal going they’ll come and take us…show more content…
In addition to Ralph’s beliefs there is also another possible leader on the island, who has a different point of view on how he would run things on the island. Jack believes in savagery and force that is his nature. Jack starts out as a normal boy stuck on the island like Ralph and Piggy, as he takes a few boys out to be hunters and find food. Ralph explains to Jack after he was picked as the chief, “The choir belongs to you of course. They could be the army or hunters.” (Golding 19) Jack agrees to make the choir of boys to be hunters and they start trying to kill pigs for food. Also when they successfully kill a pig they become more violent and they paint their faces in the pigs blood and start losing their innocents. Furthermore Jack becomes obsessed with the idea of murdering the pig he starts becoming an animal himself. After Jack and the choir of boys finally kill the pig they were at the fire, “As they danced, they sang kill the pig, cut her throat, bash her in.” (Golding 7.74-76) Jack and the rest of the boys start dancing and chanting a violent song about their thirst of

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