Lord Of The Flies Leadership Essay

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The main theme of the novel is the conflict between two opposed instincts that exist within all human nature: the instinct to follow the rules, of order, moral commands, and act rationally. Against the instinct desire of selfishness to act violently and craving of power, this is shown through the different leadership characteristics. Throughout the novel Lord of the Flies, William Golding Demonstrates the importance and diverse styles of leadership on the book. The various leadership methods can influence the group’s behaviour as it has a direct correlation to the boy’s ability to survive on the island. The styles are shown as Jack’s dictatorship, Ralph’s democracy and Piggy’s intellectual value. In the novel Jack is represented as a dictator…show more content…
Ralph becomes the leader, after being chosen in a democratic election. Ralph is the primary characteristic of productive leadership, civilization and order, and demonstrates the notions of a democracy while being on the island. While the other boys are focussed on evading labour, playing or having fun, Ralph is working on the survival of his peers; constructing huts as well as thinking of ways to insure the boy’s will be rescued: building a fire to be seen by others. This proves of his natural leadership assets. He also gives everyone responsibility as well as an equal voice. Ralph uses the conch to gather all of the children, furthermore he uses the conch to give everyone a turn to speak while the others listen. Ralph assumes responsibility of law and order. He likes to handle in the most part, situation in a civilized manner rather than brutally ‘’which is better, law and rescue, or hurting and breaking things up?’’ (Golding 200) Ralph and Piggy try to come to a solution to this misunderstanding by questioning their civilization, do they rather kill each other, agree with each other. Ralph is a complex leadership figure. He wants to be a civilized and orderly leader who does not evade his responsibilities, yet Ralph is only twelve years old and has neither the knowledge for the
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