John Lennon's Assassination Of Chapman

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John Lennon Assassination John Lennon was shot and killed by a man named Mark Chapman in New York City on December 8, 1980. Before Chapman shot Lennon he stalked him and even encountered him when Lennon was generous enough to sign a copy of his latest album. Even though Chapman was treated very kindly by Lennon he still felt the desire to kill him. With the five bullets given to him by a friend Chapman stalked Lennon to his apartment and shot him in the back. Hours later John Lennon was pronounced dead at the Roosevelt Hospital. The assassination of John Lennon was not justified in any way because Lennon did not do anything to harm Chapman or anyone else, therefore did not deserve to die. Lennon at the time was a huge star and was changing American culture through the use of his words. Lennon was never violent or forced anyone to do anything. Chapman believed that the Beatles thought they were more powerful and better than God. This is definitely not true and an irrational thought on Chapman’s behalf.…show more content…
Throughout Chapman’s life he had always felt left out and had the need for everyone’s attention. With the all the emotions flowing through Chapman’s mind he could have been willing to do anything to make himself feel better. When Chapman was a child he read a book about the Beatles and immediately had the desire to kill him along with others who associated with Lennon. A biography written about Mark Chapman stated that “His lawyer initially entered a plea of insanity, which Chapman later overturned with a guilty plea.” This tells us that Chapman was mentally corrupt and knew it therefore, he needed medical

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