Hashishin Vs Knights Templar Essay

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The assassins sect (Hashishin) and the Knights Templar were different in some ways, but they were also alike in other ways. They both were a part of the crusades; the crusades were holy wars that were fought in the Middle East. There were seven major crusade wars that were fought between 1095 and 1291. Both of these groups had a part in the crusades. It may not have been a big role in the wars but they were both included in them. The Knights Templar was founded in 1118 in Jerusalem. The founder of this order was, Hugh De Payens. Hugh De Payens was the first master and the first founder of the order. The headquarters for the Knights were located in Jerusalem. The purpose of this order was to provide protection and security to people traveling…show more content…
The knight’s order had many successful attacks and won many battles. At the battle of Montigisard they used their brilliant tactics to defeat Saladin’s army. Saladin was going to attack Jerusalem and take over. King Baldwin and the knights Templar made a small army while together. The army that they had wasn’t as big as Saladin’s but they still tried to stop Saladin from advancing any further and taking their land. Baldwin and the order wanted to intercept Saladin and his troops before they got near Jerusalem. Whenever they reached Saladin and his troops, they caught him by total surprise. The Knights Templar and King Baldwin charged at Saladin’s Army line and broke through his line. To break through the line they used their “Squadron Charge” tactic which caused Saladin’s front line to collapse and they were able to run through and take out him and most of his army. By defeating Saladin, the victory brought peace over Jerusalem for a year. The Templar knights also fought alongside King Louis VII of France in the second crusade,

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