Essay On Jack And Ralph's Leadership In Lord Of The Flies

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Who really is the best leader was challenge to figure out. Throughout the chapters, there are many series of events that occur that test both Jack and Ralph’s leader abilities. And it also shows their true colors as well. But after long analyzing I have figured that Ralph is the best leader. Though Jack has gotten some situations right, it’s clear to me that Ralph is the overall winner. In Chapter 4; the fire, there was really bad conflict between Ralph & Jack. In Chapter 4, Ralph saw a ship from the beach and was very pleased because he knew that the signal fire was going to catch their attention. Until he was informed, that the fire wasn’t even going, because it was left unattended. All because of Jack who spurred the watchers to help hunt for a pig. This made Ralph furious and led him to chastise the kids but mainly Jack. Ralph criticizing the kids was not a good idea. Chastising the littluns leads them back to when they are being nagged by their parents when they have done something wrong. I speak for every child when I say no little one likes that at all, and that drags them to become closer to Jack. Jack resembles that fun,…show more content…
But, instead of Ralph leading, Jack was and Ralph was all the way at the end. He took this chance to get away from being leader, because it has honestly has worn him out. His break didn’t last long until they have reached their destination. That is when Jacks reaction changed and Ralph was back in control. Ralph goes out to look for the beast but doesn’t seem to find anything at all. After not finding anything he rushes the group to start the signal fire again, but can’t quite understand why the kids want to play still. He then talks with a stern voice to have Jack lead them back and get back to his little break. In this situation Ralph was still calm and collected. He was way more laid back than expected but over all he has did his

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