Thomas Edison Inventing The Century Chapter Summaries

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Thomas Alva Edison was one of the most influential people in all of the history of the world, not just from a technological and inventing standpoint. Genius is 1 percent inspiration and 99 percent perspiration, that is just one of the many quotes that Neil Baldwin used in describing Thomas Edison throughout his book titled Edison, Inventing the Century. Neil had access to pieces of Edison’s work and years of research that no one had ever seen before when compiling an autobiography of the most important inventory that the world has ever seen. Edison would ask questions that nobody else would ask, he wasn’t afraid to follow his curiosities on an unknown path, and created inspiring inventions, which are all recapped in Baldwin’s rags to riches biography that saw Thomas Edison going from a man that couldn’t afford to pursue his dreams to a millionaire. Unlike many other…show more content…
However that are a number of points that Baldwin seems to just skip over, such as the Edison that would work as much as his employees, but also was very loyal to those people that he was very close with, for example his wife and children of his nearest friends. Baldwin did emphasize Edison’s smarts and work habits, noting that Edison was a genius and one that would work up to twenty-hour days, while working on a number of different inventions. Baldwin portrayed Edison through his strengths though, rather than telling the full story about the most famous inventor the world has ever seen. Baldwin does not dig deep into any negative parts of Edison’s life or his failures, which is another reason that the book seems more like a textbook than a novel you would pick up from your local library. Neil Baldwin plays into the myth that was created about Thomas Edison rather than disposing of Edison or simply telling the complete

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