Symbols In Lord Of The Flies Symbolism Essay

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Anne Rumpke 2CD August 16, 2014 Lord of the Flies Essay Lord of the Flies In the book, Lord of the Flies, by William Golding, symbols are a main theme throughout the plot. Symbols were prominent at the beginning of the book once the story was established and we began to understand the themes of the book. Some symbols in the book including, the conch shell, the fire, the glasses, and the beast helped develop the story. A major theme throughout the book, Lord of the Flies, was the development of symbols, mainly the conch, the fire, the glasses, and the beast. As soon as the novel began, the conch shell was a major symbol as we saw the boys look for leadership and a way to set up a “government”. The conch shell is a symbol of leadership, as Ralph uses it to gather all the survivors left on the island, then later uses it as a tool to enable whose turn it is to speak. The conch shell later breaks, officially ending Ralph’s reign as leader and is a symbol for the chaos that is forming.…show more content…
At the beginning the fire was a symbol of hope for being found, and gave the children optimism for the future of returning to England. But as the story goes on, the fire dies out which represents their loss of hope of being found. Ultimately fire does get them off the island, after Jack lights the forest on fire and a ship finds them. The glasses, which belong to piggy, is a sign of intelligence because the boys figured out very early on that they could light a fire using these glasses. The glasses become a valuable asset as they are needed to reignite the fire and start new ones. Later in the story Jack and his tribe steal the glasses which causes upset and anger between him and Jack. After Piggy’s glasses are stolen Ralph is left hopeless as he realizes they have no way of starting a fire without

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