Lord Of The Flies: Savagery

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Lord of the Flies William Golding sees the world as a place where evil and savagery takes over in all of us when we face certain obstacles. This essay portrays examples from Lord of the Flies that support this view. William Golding experienced many hardships in his lifetime that led to his writing of this novel. Some of these experiences included his participation in the Second World War, and teaching at Bishop Wordsworth’s School. These two events led Golding to feel and see the world in a different way. This proved to be helpful because he wrote Lord of the Flies in a way that allowed the reader to relate to and understand the characters. During World War Two, Golding fought battleships, as well as submarines and planes.…show more content…
This is clearly presented with Piggy’s statement, “What are we? Humans? Or animals? Or savages?” (Pg. 79) He says this because he is feeling ignored. While he is trying to help the whole group get rescued, all Jack cares about is getting meat, and not necessarily for the whole group, but for himself. Piggy grows frustrated that Jack isn’t doing everything he can to be rescued, and this is why he has let his anger get ahead of himself. He sees that it is important to be civilized, and orderly, if they intend to be rescued. I chose this quote to defend my position because it explains how Golding feels about savagery. Golding uses this quote to give the reader an image of what being deserted can do to a person’s ability to see what needs to be done and prioritize. Another quote that could be used to describe how Golding feels about savagery, is the one Ralph provides in Chapter 4 (pg. 92). “The rules!” shouted Ralph, “you’re breaking the rules!”. I chose this quote because it shows that civilization needs rules to survive, or it just falls apart. William Golding used this quote to try and tell the reader that without rules, civilization will fail. This is important to the book because it played a big part in the way the group behaved and communicated with one

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