How Does Susan Hill Create Suspense

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The Woman in Black and And Then There Were None are both examples of suspense. Both novels include foreshadowing, mood and different points of view. Susan Hill creates suspense through imagery, mood and foreshadowing, but on the other hand Agatha Christie uses symbolism and murder to create suspense as well as mood and foreshadowing. Making both of them equally skilled at creating suspense. Agatha Christie uses symbolism and Susan Hill uses imagery to create suspense in their novels. First, Agatha Christie uses symbolism in And Then There Were None to create tension and unrest, such as when Vera is comparing Lombard to a wolf. “...thats what it is-a wolf’s face… Those horrible teeth…” (Christie 262). This gives Lombard the feel of a predator which gives a feeling of unrest as wolves and other predators are normally associated with fear for they kill other animals and sometimes attack humans. However, Susan Hill uses…show more content…
Susan Hill however, uses a prolonged, almost boring rising action and really drags it out to create suspense, then at the longest possible moment, just when losing interest she throws everything at the reader to terrify them completely and totally. Christie uses a chain of deaths to create suspense, for example, she killed off Anthony Marston to make more suspense until it was time for the next death. ¨He choked-choked badly. His face contorted, turned purple. He gasped for breath-then slid down off his chair, the glass falling from his hand¨ (Christie 74). His death was used simply to create suspense, because it creates an uproar among the other people on the island, and makes them become very tense which makes the reader feel just as, if not more tense than the characters are portrayed to be. Agatha Christie does this multiple times just to add to the tension and create suspense to make the environment much darker and give the reader a very worried

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