Comparing Lord Of The Flies And The Road Not Taken

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In the Lord of the flies, conflict can be described as inevitable - Conflict occurs a great deal of times, even as you progress through the novel. Inner-conflict is relevant in many of the characters as they are all given a choice, the choice may vary a bit inbetween characters but the choice is the same nonetheless, the choice to live as a civilised being or be the opposite and live a life of savegery. The same conflict is challenged in the very well known poem; The Road Not Taken, by Robert Frost. The main theme of this sonnet is conflict, mainly the poets inner-conflict of been given a choice between two roads and not being able to go down both roads. This essay will analyze how both of these texts identify the conflict which is evidentley found in everyone.…show more content…
The conflict between living a civilised, peaceful society with rules and laws for a lawful way of life injuxtaposition towards a society of evil desires, instinctive savegery and the need of selfish power or primate authority - anarchy. The prime idea of the novel was showing what is to happen when a group of civilised and disciplined boys are desserted on an island and are to then conform to the primitive and brute ways of survival. The allegorical novel puts forward two main characters; Ralph whom shows the protaganistic ways of order and a civilised leadership style and Jack whom shows the antagonistic ways that represent savergery and uncivilised ways to obtain

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