Effective Leadership In The Story Of Shackleton's Antarctic Expedition

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Many effective employees take on the role to become leaders. When taking on this challenge, they become aware that leading people is not an easy task. The leader has to be willing to demonstrate a variety of skills to become an effective leader. The story of Shackleton’s Antarctic Expedition by Perkins with Holtman and Murphy demonstrates a variety of traits that an effective leader possess. As a leader of the expedition to the Antarctic, Stackleton leader and organizer, he set a vision of what he wanted to gain from the voyage. The challenges begin in the initial phase as leaders need to know the people that will be part of their team, Stackleton really didn’t get to know the people he selected to join him until they began their journey. However, he knew when many groups with different views, traits and skills are working together to reach a common goal, such as the journey, there is a higher opportunity to get results accomplished.…show more content…
Not having the management skills of managing, I took on the challenge. I was in charge of a residential program for five men with developmental disabilities and supervising nine staff members. The smaller goal was easier to adapt as I had gained the skills to manage the group home, but the larger goal was more challenging because I had to get the right team to work with me to meet the needs of the residents. Ryan (2009) said, “Great leaders give real thought to the values, ideas and activities they’re most passionate about and those are the things they pursue”. Leaders must articulate to their followers the vision they want to accomplish. Stackleton developed his vision and recruited his crew member with a diverse skills of expertise to explore a challenging

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