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BUSINESS INFORMATION SYSTEMS TASK 1 a). Toyota is a car manufacturing and sales company that sells cares of all kinds and makes. Its organizational structure is based on the TPS (Toyota Production system) which is based on the ‘just-in-time’ concept, this system gives the employees on the front end more power and can allow them to make important decision. This is possible because the system allows no time for slacks in the manufacturing process. INPUTS (i) Labour; the people who are used to produce the output. (ii) Capital; the money and produced goods used for production. PROCESSES (i) Extraction of raw material; before production can begin the process of acquiring pre-assembled parts takes place. (ii)Production; this is the process whereby…show more content…
transaction processing systems bring data into the company database and that data can be analysed and used to make tactical decisions which are reported to senior management and help make strategic decisions, basically a TPS system is a building block to making quality decisions in an organization. TASK 2 Part one a). It completely understands the business they are in to and the environment from which they operate thus they can gain advantage over their competitors. b). Vision-“To build a house that is more than just bricks and mortar but rather a living environment.” c). Low cost leadership- increasing revenue by offering better or equivalent quality services or products at a lower but industry average price, this means that revenue is boosted by the quantity sold. Differentiation- making you products more attractive and different from those of your competitors in order to boost revenue, this can be done by adding value to products or services. Focus- focusing on a certain niche market group and understanding what customers of that market want, this builds strong customer loyalty if practiced right, and the retailer will always know what to stock because he or she knows the market they are in. d). Differentiation, because they add value to the houses they build but sell at standard prices, value is added through details like the kind of garden they plan for a…show more content…
They have come up with ways that differentiate them from their competitors, these make sure that the company is flexible and durable and that insures stakeholders and shareholders that Bryant Homes is a sound investment. They added value to their products by giving their houses an extra touch, this also makes their products rare as they are the only company that can offer this values added products. Since other companies were copying Bryant Homes they made sure they changed their way of doing things in terms of operational process thus they can be unique, after they had realized all the above they used them in an organized manner to accomplish their place in the industry. Bryant Homes portrayed themselves as a company that offer the best modern houses even under the circumstances they were going through and this gave them competitive advantage. Part three a). They created a new sophisticated website to better communication. b). communicating with its stakeholders, mostly customers with a simple universal recognizable truth (SURT) and countering the positioning challenge with a company purpose. c). Values, purpose, image. d). “To provide ordinary people with extra ordinary

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