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" It is a house you visit but don’t stay For long. Words leap from ledges. Verbs and Nouns Ask for a sentence where they ‘ll fit and say “what you were unaware you thought. A dance Of meanings happens in your head. You start To learn a melody you half-heard once “But can’t remember wholly. Now verbs sort Themselves from nouns, and adjectives insist You use them with great care. There is a plot “And a story where the parts of speech are placed By you and they will stay only when You make their purpose clear.....”" -Elizabeth Jennings, “The House of Words.” Through this poem we can come to know how every part of speech works. In the English language, words can…show more content…
There is difficulty in developing human language translation software because language is constantly changing. Natural language processing is also being developed to create human readable text and to translate between one human language and another. The ultimate goal of NLP is to build software that will analyze, understand and generate human languages naturally, enabling communication with a computer as if it were a human. Natural language processing (NLP) can be defined as the automatic (or semi-automatic) processing of human language. The term ‘NLP’ is sometimes used rather more narrowly than that, often excluding information retrieval and sometimes even excluding machine translation. NLP is sometimes contrasted with ‘computational linguistics’, with NLP being thought of as more applied. Nowadays, alternative terms are often preferred, like ‘Language Technology’ or ‘Language Engineering’. Language is often used in contrast with speech (e.g. Speech and Language Technology). NLP is essentially multidisciplinary: it is closely related to linguistics (although the extent to which NLP overtly draws on linguistic theory varies considerably). It also has link store search in cognitive science, psychology, philosophy and maths (especially logic). Within CS, it relates to formal language theory, compiler techniques, theorem proving, machine learning and human-computer interaction. Of course it is also related to AI, though nowadays it’s not generally thought of as part of

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