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The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini is a novel about a Pushtun boy, Amir, his childhood and his journey to forgiveness and redemption. The story starts with Amir remembering the winter of 1975, the day that made him who he is today, and realizing he can no longer run from his past. In 2001, Amir receives a call from his Rahim Khan asking him to return to Afghanistan and telling him, “there is a way to be good again.” The novel then flashbacks to Amir as a privileged child, living in Afghanistan on the brink of war. He lives in a big house with his father whom he calls Baba and his two servants, Ali and Hassan. Baba is a very successful businessman but is rarely affectionate towards Amir who constantly tries to please him. Ali, was brought…show more content…
On the day of the tournament Amir nearly backs out because he is nervous about losing but Hassan reassures him that ever thing will be fine. Amir and Hassan take down kites all day until finally there is only them and a blue kite left. Amir and Hassan successfully cut down the other kite and win the tournament. Hassan then tells Amir he will run the kite for him and says, “for you a thousand times over.” When Hassan doesn’t come back, Amir gets worried and starts to look for him. He thinks he hears noises so he goes and pears down the alley, to find Hassan cornered by Assef and two of his cronies. Assef says that if Hassan gives him the Kite that he will let him go, but Hassan refuses saying that the Kite is Amir’s. Assef then has his cronies hold Hassan down while he rapes him; Amir than stops watching and runs away. When they are done Hassan comes home with the kite Amir asks him what took him so long and pretends he doesn’t know what happened. Hassan losses his sprit, but still tries to bond with Amir who can’t stand to look at him because of guilt. After his Birthday Amir decided he cant live with the guilt anymore so he plants his new watch and some money under Hassan’s bed, knowing Baba would fire him for stealing. Baba than confronts Hassan and Ali about the theft and Hassan lies and confesses. Amir than knows that Hassan knew he saw what happened in…show more content…
Amir and Baba than are smuggled in packed trucks to Pakistan than fly to make a new life in the U.S.A. In American, Baba is forced at gas station, and refuses to take any welfare money. For Amir, America is the new start he needed, he graduates from high school, starts College, his career as a writer, makes Baba proud, and is finally able to escape his haunting past. Amir and Baba start the tradition of buying things for garage sales, then selling them at the Afghan section of the flea market. There they meet General Taheri and his beautiful daughter with whom Amir is immediately smitten. Tragedy strikes and Baba is diagnosed with lung cancer and refuses to do chemotherapy. Once Baba’s home for the hospital, Amir asks him to ask General Taheri for Soraya’s hand is marriage. They accept the proposal, but Soraya tells Amir about her past with another guy and asks if he still wants to marry her, and he says yes and wishes that he could tell her about his past but doesn’t. They skip the courting period and marry as soon as possible, so that Baba was able to attend. A month later, Baba passes away content with life after seeing Amir and Soraya happy together. For a year, Amir and Soraya tried to have kids but weren’t able to and decided that they didn’t want to adopt. Then in the winter 2001, Amir receives the call from Rahim Khan telling him that he is sick and he want Amir to come

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