Essay On The Importance Of Law

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Laws are a body of official rules and regulations, normally found in the Constitutions and Legislations of a Country and are used to govern and control the behaviour of the members of a group or the people of a Civil Society. Therefore, laws are a formal mechanism of social control. Laws exist and are made to protect the rights of members of a Society or a Country and to ensure that a person or group of people are not made to and do not go to extreme measures to protect themselves. Laws, in other words, help keep a balance in place. Without them, the world would be a brutal and cruel place. Laws help to keep the country running and make it a more organised and peaceful place to live in. Even though these laws are put in place for the safety and benefit of the people,…show more content…
Many of the laws set in place in a democratic society benefit the community. It is different in case of a dictatorship or Autocracy or nepotism. Laws like speed limits and traffic laws exist solely to ensure the safety of the driver, the passengers and the individuals crossing the roads. Licenses issued to doctors and for nurses ensure that we are treated by qualified, certified professionals who we know have been sufficiently trained, are experienced enough to make the right decisions in treating patients and save lives while protecting us from being harmed from experimental or unqualified personnel. The law shields us from danger and therefore misuse, while ensuring that justice is served to those who don't abide by them. Laws are made to make people feel safe and to make them aware of the fact that they are protected. There have been instances of rich and powerful people using their influence and monetary clout to protect themselves from having to accept responsibility for their crimes and also coercing or bribing others to take the fall for
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