Language And Language: The Role Of Language

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The role of language is similar to that of a vehicle of thought that enables human thinking to be as complex and varied as it is. With the use of language, one can describe the past or speculate about the future so deliberately and plan in the light of one’s beliefs about how things stand based on one’s perception. Language enables one to imagine counterfactual objects, events, and states of affairs; in this connection, it is intimately related to intentionality, the feature of all human thoughts. Language allows one to share information and to communicate beliefs and speculations, attitudes, and emotions. Indeed, it creates the human social world, cementing people into a common history and a common life experience. Language is substantially…show more content…
For illumination, “Language is thus a very effective tool for manipulating thought” (Language and Knowledge). This is enlightening as it depicts that in order to be able to formulate a concrete thought one must be able to express and communicate their ideas so that others can understand and interpret each others beliefs in means to come to a general perspective on the topic. In addition, “[spoken words are] the symbolism of mental experience” (Aristotle). This is significant as it beautifully paints the idea that communication originates from one’s mental experience as we come to create and live life to assist in the foundation of our speculation of the world that we live in. Words are the vital necessity to ignite one’s ability to think and formulate new ideas as well as to eliminate the stuff that just doesn’t fit with one’s justified true…show more content…
For example, from my own personal experience, I am bilingual and working on becoming trilingual. I actually grew up speaking Spanish and started learning English around the age of 5. Personally when I undergo the thought process, I tend to think in the opposite language and when I speak, I communicate using the language contrary to the one I translate in my head. So if I was thinking in Spanish, I usually translate what I’m about to say in my head and then I verbally communicate my thoughts in English, and vice versa from English to Spanish. This is thought-provoking as I, for the most part, depend on language-thought processing in order to convey and vocally converse my thoughts and ideas. Some may argue that language is rather an unreliable form of self-expression and communication for we often fail to speak what truly lies within the depths of our minds. This can be rather deceiving for it implies that one can’t rely solely on communication to replicate thought, but rather to incorporate other mediums like art, style, sign language, images, facial expressions, and sounds to portray a vision of our own thoughts. For further illumination, the herbal drug, Marijuana, can be

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