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Top 10 Beaches Holidays in India India has a huge coastline flanked by the Indian Ocean, Arabian Sea, and Bay of Bengal to the south, south-west, and the south-east respectively. With 7500 km of coastline in its lap, the country has inherited a bounty of beaches that are tranquil, remote, and crowded. All the beaches are best for fun, picnic, honeymoon, and water sports adventure. Most of the coastal areas have sunny and tropical climate that guarantees sweltering sunrays all the year round. Whether the wanderlust in you is craving for action, solitude, and a party, here are the 10 top beaches in India that will make your holiday unforgettable. Goa Goa is an international tourist center known for its exotic beaches, parties, and sunny weather.…show more content…
It is located at the Malabar Coast in South India and has a trove of topical rainforest, exotic wildlife, vast shoreline, serene beaches, groups of rivers and lagoons, and beautiful extension of backwaters due to its network of 44 rivers. It is popular all over the world to enjoy picnicking, houseboat cruise, and picturesque beaches lined up by thick coconut groves and paddy field. The beaches of Kerala are serene ad secluded with golden sands and shallow waters. To enjoy the unadulterated beauty of this god's own country, you must visit Kovalam beach, Varkla beach, Light House beach, Alappuzha beach, and Kollam…show more content…
The beaches are strewed with golden sand dunes that stretch up to miles. The best things about the beaches are that you can have a picnic as well as attend to your religious duties as several famous temple that are stunning architecture example are adjacent to beaches. Moreover, some of its beaches are laden with green grass and trees that offer soothing experience in the warm climate. The sparkling blue waters, wide-stretched golden sand dunes of the beaches in this south Indian state are indeed a relaxing and rejuvenating experience. When in Andhra Pradesh, don't miss Yarada beach, Mypad beach, Rishikonda beach, Ramakrishna beach, and Bheemunipatnam

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