Sustainable Development Reflection Paper

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In my introduction statement on sustainability at the beginning of the course I stated that most of the world’s problems are due to lack of care and love for each other and the environment, whether learnt at school or home. In this assignment I intend to reflect on this statement with a focus on why I believe that caring plays an important role in achieving sustainable development goals. I will further reflect on the argument in my first assignment, which is also part of my journal entry, on the need to have sustainable development understood by the common man in order to attract positive action. Before I go further, it is important to understand what care means. Drawing from the free Dictionary by Farlex, Care is defined using a number of…show more content…
In this definition, I see aspects of care because it calls for concern about the needs of future generations, in our present behaviours and actions. The act of care in relation to sustainability can be recognised in both the people who have knowledge of it and the action they need to take and those who have not but, they act based on being concerned and having regard for future generations and the environment. One such group of people I will use as my example, which is of interest to me, is the Indigenous peoples of the world. Below is a short account of how I developed interest in this group of people and their connected to my…show more content…
all of the activities which sustain societies worldwide. For example, their knowledge in traditional medicines have led to the discovery of nearly 75% of 121 plant-derived prescription drugs used worldwide. Furthermore, indiginous people worldwide use 3000 different species of plants to control fertility and also, some scientists believe that they may help them find the cure for AIDS and cancer. In my perspective, indigenous people can make great contribution in the achievement of the SDGs in the areas they have extensive knowledge in. Especially if they are educated in line with their ways of life and governments/societies care enough to include them in sustainable development issues. I consider them so rich in knowledge yet, made poor by the world because of being excluded and

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