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1. Music therapy effectiveness 3.11 Music therapy in physical rehabilitation Music therapy’s effectiveness can be demonstrating at a several aspects and the first one is physical rehabilitation. Refer to the result of the research article written by Weller and Baker (2011), during gait rehabilitation, stride length, velocity and symmetry for music therapy group can be constantly improved. When compared with neurodevelopmental therapy, music therapy reached insignificant in gait rehabilitation. Other outstanding enhancements comprised reduction of physical support (Freedland et al., 2002) and ankle flexion (Jeong & Kam, 2007). The conclusion of the consistent result is that music therapy practices are comparable with existing treatments during…show more content…
The founding of the Randomized controlled trials (RCT) was that everyday musical leisure activities, like systematic singing and listening to popular songs, provided by the caregivers of the persons with dementia can be passionately, cognitively and socially beneficial. (Särkämö et al., 2013) Music therapy engaged patient to focus on musical instrument which can pay attention to other side without the disease they have. Music therapy was different with normal care, both listening music and singing were discovered to preserve or enrich general cognition, as well as improve their mood. Some therapists shared their experience of of working with pediatric oncology patients and the ability of music therapy to deliver emotional support. (Kennelly, 2001) Music therapy have a positive effect in diminishing feelings of isolation and boosting the patient’s participation in the treatment. Besides, singing had a particular increasing effect on the temporary and memory of the persons with dementia and on the emotional happiness of their family members. (Särkämö et al., 2013) Furthermore, music therapy also as an anxiolytic to clients’ family members, particularly for those who requisite to spend long time in a waiting room. A study available in the Annals of Surgery of 346 families and friends of patients cared for in the emergency department showed that family and friends felt less worry…show more content…
(Gutiérrez & Camarena, 2015) Music therapy provides a tool for patient to use other format to demonstrate their ability and express their feeling. 2. Conclusion The last but not the least, most of the music therapy studies showed that this treatment is effective and more specific clinical trials would occur in the future to demonstrate the detail effectiveness of the music therapy. Music therapy not exactly healing the diseases and symptoms absolutely, but it is assist those diseases and symptoms to cure more quickly and shorter the period of healing. Music therapy can cover a wide range of symptoms, thereby music therapy have high potential to help the patients who do not want to use traditional

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