Environmental Effects Of Desertification

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Desertification Done by: Said alhadhrami Mohammed alkasbi Mohammed almalki Abdlhadi alkasbi Abdullah CHAPTER 1: DEFINITION OF DESERTIFICATION Desertification is the process of converting of agricultural land to the production of many arid lands are useless plant and animal life, and that due to two main factors of climate change or human environment brutally treated. So the land become dry and barren, thus land will not suitable for the population to live and not suitable for the plant and agriculture to live because the cracks appear on the surface salts. It briefly turning land that was the basic principle producer to land unfavorable for agricultural production and because of changes of all kinds and there are many reasons…show more content…
Bad exploitation of natural resources: The depletion of groundwater resources, including soil salinization Aardhma for any increase in soil salinity and decreases fertility, overgrazing and pollution of surface and ground water and soil. CHAPTER 3: EFFECTS OF DESERTIFICATION • ENVIRONMENTAL EFFECTS: The loss of biodiversity, soil degradation and thus low productivity and the loss of the ability of ecosystems and humans to adapt to climate change and this led to increase global warming and the emission of dust and carbon dioxide, and provoke dust storms and sand encroachment that threatens the economic and social structures and farms and others. • ECONOMIC IMPACT: The weakness in the production and lack of employment opportunities and lack of industrial development associated with agricultural products, and the low per capita income and national level. Through lack of soil fertility, leading to drought these places and this leads to the food deficit. • SOCIAL IMPACTS: The poverty and migration from the villages and the countryside to the cities and the consequent of the urban problems of the increase in population and the high rate of crime and punish and increase the symptoms of disease and leads sometimes to death Wen diseases caused by the phenomenon of malnutrition and other…show more content…
• McNichol sand dunes through afforestation (increase in vegetation cover) to build barriers of tree trunks and put them with some of the more compact. • The use of some chemicals so as to facilitate adhesion of soil can not happen until the transmission of the soil from one place to another. • raise awareness among members of society, especially farmers and herdsmen, and so by doing some lectures and learn to curb desertification. • conservation of water resources on a regular basis to protect them thus improving the utilization of water resources and how to use them in the rationalization and through the latest methods of

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