The Importance Of Illness Prevention

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Religion is a system of beliefs, practices, and philosophical values shared by a group of people. This relates humanity to spirituality and also moral values (Henry Tischler, 2011). Therefore, religion is seen as a vital institution in our society. According to Emile Durkheim in his book, The Elementary Forms of Religious Life, he defines religion as an unified system and practices that are related to sacred things. He says that religion is divided into two categories which a profane and the sacred. Profane means things that are knowable through common and consist of empirically observable things. Sacred on the other hand means, things that are amazingly inspiring and knowable only through remarkable experiences. Religion consists of certain elements, which are ritual and prayers, emotions, beliefs, and…show more content…
Illness prevention at least involves three levels which ate medical, behavioral and structural. Medical prevention is aimed at the individual’s body, behavioral prevention is aimed towards change of behavior, and structural prevention is aimed towards changing of the society and the environment in which we live in. Medical prevention basically refers to action taken to prevent diseases, instead of curing it or treating the symptoms that occur. We live in a society where we believe medical measures are rather more effective than any other method of prevention. We trust the medical approach of preventing illness because doctors these days emphasizes the risk if something is not done to prevent illness. For instance, when it comes to heart problems, it is a norm for the affected individual to perform bypass operation. Another example would be the rates of cesarean sections are increasing the country compared to the rate of normal delivery. This is closely linked to the fact that people want lead a healthy lifestyle thinking medical prevention gives them that

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