Lack Of Low Income Lifestyle

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One trial for low income people to change their diet, according to the website is the lack of having adequate time. If you are working all day, you may simply be too tired to come home and make a dinner when you can easily just go grab some fast food. Alternatively, they may not have enough times before they have to go back to work, considering they may have more than one job to support himself or herself or family. A difficulty for kids in poverty to get their necessary exercise is where they live. Since they are living in poverty, they more than likely do not live in a safe neighborhood. “A tale of Two Smokers,” points out many of the playgrounds that are accessible to children are rundown and cutbacks have relinquished after school programs that are safe environments for the children. Due to safety concerns, most parents would rather their children indoors where it is safer than outside and they do not know what they are getting into.…show more content…
It is challenging when you have many aspects of your life that contribute to you being stressed especially in a low income family. One particular example shown on the website is how hard these people are working to make ends meet, and it feels like no matter how hard they work it still does not help. They are working two, three jobs just to have a roof over their families head, and once they have paid the necessities they have nothing more to give. They typically do not get time to take a break and recharge like the people of higher classes do. As stated by the stress indicator. Quitting smoking had the most prominent impact on lowering Jane’s allosteric load. Through her insurance company, she was able to attend classes to help her stop smoking, along with regular check-ups with her doctor. Jane’s ability to stay active and distract herself with healthy measures help her decrease her allosteric load. She also can afford to buy the nicotine gum, where as Joe is not as fortunate as

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