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Introduction In this paper , I will use the Health-Wealth Connection , Gardener's Multiple Intelligences, Gilligan's Theory of Moral Development/Ethic Care , and Social Identity Theory to further explain the Bio-Psycho-Psycho-Social aspect of Dasani's life. With each theory I will summarize, and then will further assess Dasani's life from those theories. Summary of Health Wealth Connection Health- Wealth Connection teaches us that certain factors such as access to health care, environmental exposure , where we live and our behaviors all have an effect on how healthy our lifestyles can be. This connection shows that individuals who have money, have better access to the resources that gives them the tools to maintain a healthier lifestyle. Those with higher incomes, allows the wealthy to go to better doctors and hospitals , the stores in their community will sell healthier options, they still get the educational tools they need to continue on their path of success. On the other hand, those who are in the lower class of society , they do not get proper access to doctors , hospitals and stores that sell the healthy options and lack the proper educational tools to learn about the negative effects that could be detrimental to their lifestyle. Those who are poor have to face other factors that also play a role when it comes…show more content…
People with lower incomes always face the concern of having high risk in unhealthy behaviors, such as smoking, poor

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