Low Income Community

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Healthy policy is an action or a plan design to achieve a specific health care goal within society (Wilkinson & Pickett, 2010). Within low income communities there are fewer health policies developed which results to them having a greater chance at having unhealthy outcomes. People who live in low income communities live a poorer lifestyle compared to people within high income communities. The people within lower income communities have beliefs and attitudes that they can not amount to anything in life and they feel they are stuck in a lifestyle in which they can not get out off. By people having the attitude they cannot amount to anything in life it can start to dictate their behaviors. A persons behaviors can contribute their health in the…show more content…
A major healthy issue which is on the rise within low income communities is homelessness. Homelessness and poverty go hand to hand. Some contributing factors to homelessness are lack of affordable housing, lack of affordable healthcare, domestic violence, mental illness, unemployment, and addiction. Foreclosures have also increased the number of people experiencing homelessness. People in low income communities have a higher chance at becoming homeless due to them being unable to pay for housing, food, childcare, healthcare, and education (Baggett et al., 2015). People who live in bad communities and are able to have a little income tend to have to make choices due to the limited resources one may have. Most of the time housing takes the most amount of money in which results to it being the first priority to be dropped (Baggett et al., 2015). If a person doesn’t have to pay for housing they may feel they have more money in their pocket and able to do more while not thinking how important it is to have…show more content…
Women who are battered tend to be forced to either stay or flee. Low income communities have limited resources and are unable to help everyone. Due to the lack of help most people believe there is no choice but to leave and try and start their life over (Resnikoff, 2014). In the mist of trying to start over most people have no place to go and no one to turn to because if they turn to the wrong person or go somewhere in which the man may be able to find them then one may be dragged back into a horrible situation and matters may be worst. Studies have reported that 50% of cities identified domestic violence as a primary cause of homelessness (Resnikoff, 2014). There needs to be a policy put in place to help these battered women feel they can leave and go to a safe place and be able to start a new life. By a women having a belief that she has no choice but to stay then she’s harming her health in long run. Being constantly abused can result to having a mental illness in long run and due to the lack of treatments by living in a low income communities if left untreated then it can start to become chronic in which one can die

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