Piaget's Stage Theory

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Escaping Disequilibrium Piaget’s stage theory of development involves four things; disequilibrium, assimilation, accommodation, and equilibrium. Through this process, a child will gain a new experience that they do not understand how to deal with; this is disequilibrium. The child will have questions, confusion, and dissonance because this experience is outside of their current schema. To overcome this inability to fit new information into their schemas, children must either assimilate or accommodate. Assimilating means the child will apply some previously held knowledge to this new situation in order to make sense of the events. Accommodating occurs when the existing schema a child has is not enough to explain the new experience. This requires…show more content…
Though it was meant to simply explain intellectual growth, children do not exclusively learn through schooling and adults do not stop learning once they complete their formal education. Every time we experience something we have never dealt with, we go through a series of questions and answers as well as confusion. The only difference is that as adults, our questions are more theoretical and deep as opposed to a child needing to redesign their schema to fit in ‘dog’ when all they knew before was ‘cat’. The components of life we may be working on revolve more on who we are, what our roles are, and how we navigate relationships with others. This may create problems for us in said relationships as we progress through life. I think when people get hurt or lose someone, it becomes easy to assume the same things will happen again. We put our negative schema of how others act onto innocent parties and ruin our own relationships. I do think this can happen the other way as well though. If we know someone who is very kind and funny, and then we meet another person who looks similar to them, we sometimes put those beliefs on the new person. Our focus then should be recognizing our current schematic biases and how we all have room to grow, learn, and
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