Exploring The Factors That Affect Lack Of Health Care

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Many factors affect an individual’s reason for seeking or using health care. Some of the factors that affect health care are income, education, and lifestyle choices. Income affects access to health care because if an individual lack the funds to provide health care for themselves and/or family they are less likely to have insurance or seek medical care. A low-income family may avoid seeking health care because of the out-of-pocket expenses that they may incur. It would be cheaper for a low-income family to self-diagnose and use an over the counter product to treat their illness. On the other hand, a family that has a higher income will be more likely to seek health care because they have the resources to pay for treatment. In a sense, it may seem like high-income family value their health more than someone in low-income families, but to a low-income family seeking proper health care may not be a priority.…show more content…
According to Dewar (2010), the more educated will demand more health, but less health care. Being educated does not mean having a college degree, but having knowledge about certain aspects of their health in order to seek proper care. When people are educated about health risk it will decrease the chance of people engaging in activities that can harm their overall health. If more people were aware of the actual dangers of smoking, alcohol consumption, or driving without a seatbelt before they have participated in the act, they would be less likely to perform each act. Many are not aware of the risk until they have already performed the act; therefore, they feel they are above the

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