Chemical Engineering: A Career For Chemical Engineering

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Chemical Engineering is a division of engineering which applies physical sciences (chemistry and physics), life sciences (biochemistry and microbiology) together with economics and applied mathematics to create, alter, transport and appropriately use chemicals, energy and materials. A chemical engineer designs extensive processes which convert raw materials, living cells, chemicals, energy, micro-organisms into beneficial products and forms. A chemical engineer works mainly in the chemical industry to change basic raw materials into a range of products and deals with the layout and operation of plants and its equipment. Career options for Chemical engineers A chemical engineer principally works in the following industries – pharmaceuticals,…show more content…
The will monitor and analyze the energy consumption, and/or water consumption too. He will design the energy effectiveness projects, manage their implementation and ensure that they meet the deadlines, specifications, budgets and legal requirements. This may usually involve conducting life cycle analysis and monitoring job sites. Energy manager also plans and renews the energy initiatives for renovations, new construction and retrofits which maximize the energy conservation. He may also review the plans for future projects and determine their achievability and energy requirements. Manufacturing engineer A Chemical engineer can also start his own business as a freelance manufacturing engineer. As a manufacturing engineer, he will be required to deal with various manufacturing science and practices including the research, layout, plan and development of processes, systems, tools, machines and equipment. Latest manufacturing includes all intermediary processes needed for the production and combination of a product's mechanism. Industries like semi-conductor and steel manufacturers use the services of chemical engineers for production and other reasons. Other business…show more content…
Here is how you can become a chemical engineering industrialist? Chemical Engineering Entrepreneur The most basic fact about Chemical engineering is that almost everything we see or touch has been created through a process designed or invented by a chemical engineer. Think about a life without petrol, cars, automobiles, chocolate, petrol, electricity, cars, the list is boundless. Now imagine how it all came into being; a chemical engineer was involved at some stage. Below is an indicative list of business ideas, which a chemical engineer can consider and start his own venture; but based on this, he may think of more ideas. So here we go:  Wine-making  Food production (milk, beer, cheese, sugar, etc.)  Petrochemicals (like gold, earths, rare, natural gas, plastics, etc.)  Industrial Chemicals (like chlorine, detergents and soaps, explosives, etc.)  Pharmaceutical & Biotechnology products  Management consulting (i.e. financial management , research analytics and engineering

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