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Stanley Convergent Review – Is it Really Better Together? In a dynamic world like ours, company mergers and acquisitions are ordinary occurrence. Companies turn to this process to survive the ever competitive world of business. It is basically an act that consolidates companies as one. This is the core of Stanley Convergent Security Solutions Inc. One merger and multiple acquisitions gave birth to a single company. Do you want to know more? Continue to read our Stanley Convergent Review and decide if it’s the company for you. Stanley Convergent Security Solutions, Inc.’s History and Reputation In the business since 2004, Stanley CSS is a leader in the field of electronic security services. Moreover, it is a prominent system integrator in the…show more content…
Primary goal is to align the whole organization and move toward one direction. Acquisitions that made huge impact are Black & Decker, HSM Electronic Protection Systems, Sonitrol, and Niscayah. The merger of Stanley CSS United States and Stanley CSS Canada formed Stanley CSS North America. As a result, it elevated its status as a local company with global reach. One would have to wonder then did the movement made working together better? Upon checking, there are three Stanley Convergent Security Solutions Inc. accounts in the website. Take note that the company is second largest in the United States with over 75 offices. It is serving more than 300,000 customers in North America. All accounts recorded aren’t BBB accredited. Browsing all accounts shows that the office in New York has the only one with customer reviews and complaints. It has closed 45 complaints in the last 3 years. 9 of which closed in the last 12 months. Majority of the problems pertains to the products/service. A considerable number of customers also filed complaints about billing/collection issues. The 4 reviews submitted were 100% negative which led to a BBB rating of…show more content…
Forum users gave it a 1.3 score. It has received a total of 29 reviews. Complaints raised were about the lack of information on the website. Clients were also unhappy with customer service. Research shows another forum giving it a 1-star rating. Problem raised relates to product, customer, and technical service. With all these negativity, don’t dishearten. The company has several merits under its belt that you may want to consider. In 2009, Stanley CSS received the SDM Dealer of the Year Award. This award is given to a company which showed great success and accomplishment in the industry. The company prides itself to be the first national company to win this award. It also bagged three SAMMY (Sales and Marketing) Awards in 2010 (Integrated Installation of the Year Award, Best Community Outreach Program Award, and Best Overall Integrated Marketing Program of the Year Award). Plan Pricing and Services With all its offerings, the company website doesn’t provide any details about packages and rates. Although, one forum shares that a basic home package includes the following: Plan Features Basic Keypad, Motion detector, Window/door sensors, Key Fob, Yard sign and decals Another forum discloses the following fees: Activation, Install and Equipment

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