Golden Rapeseed Oil Case Study

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Clare Rapeseed Oil Ltd wishes to launch a new value-add product to the Irish food market. Golden Rapeseed Oil with added vitamin D is fortified cooking oil which has been enriched with vitamin D an essential micronutrient. This product is available to purchase in the main Irish supermarkets at €4.75 (€0.95 per 100ml) in 500ml plastic bottles. Value-Add Being Proposed: Rapeseed oil is a natural source of essential polyunsaturated fatty acids omega 3, 6 and 9 (1). These fatty acids lower cholesterol levels in the blood and therefore have been associated with a decreased risk of heart disease and stroke (2). Vitamin E is also naturally present in rapeseed oil in significant amounts (2). This micronutrient is a natural antioxidant preventing damage of body tissue by free radicals (3). However, rapeseed oil is not a natural source of vitamin D (1). Due to the lack of Vitamin D…show more content…
Ingredients: Vegetable Oil (Rapeseed oil), Vitamin D. Free From Product: This product is also suitable for vegetarians and gluten free diets. The symbols for each will also be displayed on the labels. Cooking Instructions: The label will also give cooking instructions as follows: Golden Rapeseed oil with added vitamin D is suitable for frying, roasting, stir frying, salad dressing and home baking. Best before End: The best before date will be printed into the plastic bottle. On the front of the bottle the ‘best before End: see back of pack will be displayed’. The oil will be best before for 12 months after processing. Safety Instructions: Do not pour hot oil back into the bottle. Nutrition and Health

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