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Wastewater is used water that has been adversely affected in quality by anthropogenic influence and it comprises liquid waste discharged by domestic residences, commercial properties, industry, or agriculture which often contains a wide range of potential contaminants and concentrations. Domestic wastewater is used water from homes, which includes kitchen-sink wastes, bath, laundry, lavatory, and toilet wastes. A discharge from agriculture and storm water is also considered to be a subcategory of wastewater because it can contain pollutants that affect water quality from run-off (Agency, 1993). In most growing countries including Ethiopia domestic wastewater generated from different area together with or without industrial wastewater is often drained into rivers and streams without pretreatment (Singh, 2010).This results a serious threat to the quality of water and its further usability, for instance polluting of downstream waters used as supply source for drinking, irrigation purpose, fisheries, and recreational activities. Because untreated wastewater usually contains nutrients mainly nitrogen and phosphorus, in addition to other contaminants, so excess of nutrients in water body cause overproduction of phytoplankton and resulted…show more content…
The nearby community member directly uses the untreated effluent from condominium septic tank for irrigation so this may bring short or long lasting problem to the community. The contaminated effluents by pathogens may hold responsible for outbreak of different illnesses related to raw vegetable and fruit consumption. The smell which comes from the effluents will create nuisance smell around the area and lessen aesthetic value of environment. Besides, the effluent can be a potential for mosquito breeding ground and contaminate the surrounding water

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