Disadvantages Of Six Sigma

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Six Sigma is a management system consolidating a “rigorous, focused and highly effective implementation of proven quality principles and techniques. (Pryzdek, Keller & Access Engineering, 2014). The greek letter & in Six Sigma refers to the variablility of defect rates per unit and gives an indicator of how often defect rates are likely to occur. (a high variability indicates less likely to create defects). Six sigma aims to improve the variations of process performances by achieving less than 3.4 defects per millions which corresponds to 6 (Sigma). (Forrester, 2003)& Breyfogle III). Six Sigma was initiated by Motorola 1987 in an effort to decrease error rates in their production processes. Since then, it has evolved from a purely quality…show more content…
(Aruleswaran, 2009). In 1998, GE claims to have achieved significant savings, (< $2bn) through applying Six Sigma tools. By doing so, GE was able to eliminate their entire non-value added business processes. (Ansari, 2009) Overall, Six Sigma can help to exposure risks (related with defect rates) and increase customer confidence. From this perspective, Six Sigma has the ability to manage the total business enterprise by continuously delivering provider and customer satisfaction.(Harrey, et. al. 2010). According to Tennant, Six Sigma “provide quite outstanding returns on the substantial investment required” (Tennant,…show more content…
walking long distances to pick up parts). The second NVA may be wasteful but are necessary under the given operating procedures. The third (NVVA) involve the conversion of semi-finished or raw materials through the use of manual labour. (i.e. forging raw materials, sub-assembly parts). (Hines & Rich, 1997) Taichi Ohno and Womack& Jones have identified seven+1 kind of waste which are the root cause of all non profitable activities within an organization: (Womak, 2003)Womak & Jones 2003 • Defects in production processes or services • Waiting- for parts, information, instructions, equipment • Overproduction of products and services • Overprocessing – tighter tolerance or higher-grade materials than necessary • Transport of products and information • Inventory – storing parts and documention ahead of

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