Five Key Ideas Of The Bein Media Group

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The most important concept in modern management is a system thinking concept. This concept beside its tools and diagrams are being used to analyze and clarify the situations. Many organization adopts system thinking to deal effectively with the problems they faced and improving their understanding about different kind of situations and management issues. System thinking consists of five key ideas which are important to bear in mind when thinking of a system. This essay will carry out the five key ideas of a system of the BeIN Media Group organization. A system can be defined as a collection of components that work together towards a common goal (Elizabeth, 2011). The components of a system are interconnected for a purpose and cannot be divided…show more content…
The first idea is that everything in a system is connected. The idea of a system highlights the interconnections and interacting between the components. The elements of a system are interconnected (Tyler, 2007a). The members of a section or group make up a system and have a connection between them. A system is a collection of tangible components such as people, materials, equipment...etc and intangible components like values, beliefs, ideas ...etc. For example, BeIN Media group consists of tangible components such as buildings, equipment, employees, vehicles ..etc and intangible components as their believed in corporate responsibility namely, stand against racism, committed to promoting and build awareness around women in sports, and community outreach. BeIN Media Group is constituted by its departments, sections, roles, structures, procedures...etc. All these elements in BeIN are connected to each other. For instance, the designing department provides the editing department with the material they need to editing the videos, animations, and pictures that will use by the production department to produce the programs and news reports and in this production line all these departments will monitor the output. The second idea is a system does something and it's defined by what it produces. All systems have outputs and they might be tangible or intangible. Especially, BeIN Media Group aiming to lead the world media sports and entertainment broadcasting in a professional and high-quality way. So, they provide their services through high definition channels. Furthermore, they employing stars of sports and media in addition to the top talented technical staff. Third, systems have a boundary and an environment (Tyler, 2007b). The system boundary restricts those elements that constitute the system. The elements that are outside the boundary make up the environment in which the system operates and

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