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“Don't make a permanent decision for your temporary emotion”. This quote speaks volumes when analyzing one’s daily activities and how decision making is an influential piece to those activities. Human beings are obligated to make decisions everyday--some that are made impulsively--but they do not at all reflect one’s actual character. Many people often often predetermine one’s character/morality based off of an incautious decision, but remain oblivious to the reasoning behind the choice that was made. Although one’s choices can be either detrimental or benign to their lives, they have no correlation with their true disposition. Often one makes an ill advised decision to protect the ones that they love. In “Mama and Her Bank Account” it proclaims, “ ‘In all my life, I never been inside a Bank.’ And when I didn’t--couldn’t--answer; Mama earnestly said:’Is no good for little ones to be afraid--to not feel…show more content…
In “No Ordinary Joe”one will see Delany, a man who risked his life to save 3 boys from drowning. In the passage it exclaims,”So why? Why did the 24-year-old Kansas City Chief try to save three boys he didn’t know with a skill he didn’t have?” The narrator has made a premeditated evaluation of Delany’s mentality without knowing what true intentions were lying dormant underneath the metaphysical surface.We see a differentiating point in “Excerpt from The Giver Chapter 1”, where it shows how “a Pilot-in-Training had misread his navigational instructions and made a wrong turn”.The average human being would go ahead and make a judgement on the man’s character without getting to know the reasoning behind his decision. This can not always be the case, because mistakes can be made on someone else’s behalf. So, one must not judge their mentality on a decision that had a certain amount of meaningfulness to

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