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Movie Review: Kita Kita An unusual yet heart-warming love story was shown in the movie Kita Kita (I See You) starring Alessandra de Rossi as Lea and Empoy Marquez as Tonyo. The movie was able to show how destiny plays in the life of the two main character. At other’s first perception, the movie was about a blind girl who falls in love to a not-so-attractive boy and will focus on the theme ‘love is blind’ as seen in the trailer of the movie. Well it is quite correct, but the theme ‘love is blind’ was just part of the movie. It was actually focused the appreciating of one’s effort or care and seeing the truth with the use of heart than what eyes perceive. It means that the film wants to elaborate what does it really about when saying that ‘love…show more content…
And the last time they were together was the time that Lea brought back her sight but then sadly Tonyo was hit by a car and died. Alessandra’s blind role was a quite different from her previous role but she was able to portray it really good. As a rom-com movie, it was expected that Empoy would show the comedy side of the film. Since direct Bernardo chose to revolve the story only on the two main character I can’t say that the two of them stand out. But the both of them show their best with their acting skills. Alessandra touched everyone’s heart in the drama scene showing a heart-breaking relatable story. Empoy was also able to touch everyone with his excellent acting of being a secret admirer who took care to Lea. Director Bernardo together with the cast of Kita Kita did not expect that their movie would become a successful block buster and gain ten times the money they spent making the film. At first, I did not give much attention or excitement to watch the movie knowing that the actors or love team itself was not popular. But as I watch the film I was really amazed with the construction of the events and heavy lines they threw that gives a thrill to the film. Only that using Japanese language in the movie without applying any subtitle makes me feel a little disappointment because I can’t understand what they are

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