The Elephant Clock

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Do you know the elephant clock? - Do you know the elephant clock? About eight hundred years ago, Al-jazari built this elaborate clock in order to celebrate the diversity of mankind and the universal nature of islam. At this time, the Muslim world spread from Spain to Central Asia. So, to reflect thisscope, Al-Jazari used Greek (Archimedes) Water Principles Combined with an Indian water timing device (ghati), an Indian elephant, an Egyptian phoenix, Arabian figures, a Persian carpet and Chinese dragons. The Figure on the top of the castle is thought to be Saladin included as a sign of respect to the great leader. The feature also symbolized countries and trade, and each animal had a myth associated with it : the elephant was a symbol of royalty, the phoenix of rebirth and life, and the dragon of power and impregnability. As well as celebrating the diversity of world, he also wanted to develop machines with a better design and greater output than his predecessors. So although the clock was aweinspiring to look at, its brilliance was really seen in adapting the perforated water bowl (Archimedian/Indian ghati), so that it oscillated about its rim rather than sinking vertically. This was central tothe whole timepiece. The ingenuity of Al-Jazari was in the precision with which he measured the hole in…show more content…
Bola relesed akan membuat dial belakang Saladin gilirannya, dan Saladin akan bergerak dari sisi ke sisi, 'memutuskan' yang falcon akan relese yang bola. Bola kemudian jatuh ke mulut naga dan membungkuk menempatkan bola ke vas belakang Mahout, pengendara gajah. Yang membuatnya menggerakkan lengan dan simbal terdengar saat bola masuk ke vas. Lingkaran pada dial balik angka atas af Shalahuddin mengatakan waktu, karena mereka diisi setengah-by-setengah karena setiap setengah jam berlalu. Seri canggih ini tindakan dan reaksi terus setiap setengah jam sepanjang

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