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The illustration above can be understood as follow: 1. Analyzing In this process, the translator is analyzing the grammatical relationship and the meaning of the words and combinations of words. 2. Transferring In this process, the translator is transferring the language or text from one language to another language in their mind. 3. Restructuring Restructuring is the final process of translation. In this process the translator is restructuring the text or language in order to make the final message fully acceptable in the receptor language. According to Dr. Ronald H. Bathgate (1981), there are six elements, steps and integral parts in the process of translation such: 1. Turning. By this the translator mean getting the fell of the text…show more content…
Synonymy. Synonymy is almost the same with the Target Language equivalent to Source Language word in a context, where a precise equivalent may or may not exist. This procedure is used for a Source Language word where there is no clear one-to-one equivalent, and the word is not important in the text, for the example to translate Kind Person as Orang yang baik. 7. Through-translation. This procedure is the literal translation of common collocations, names of organisations, the components of compounds. It can also be called as calque or loan translation. For the example is United Nation Organization (UNO) becomes Perserikatan Bangsa Bangsa (PBB). 8. Shifts or transpositions. Vinay and Darbelnet, as quoted by Hatim and Munday (2004) define that the transposition involves replacing one word class with another without changing the meaning of message. According to Newmark, as quoted by Sayogie (2009), transposition consists of four types of grammatical changes as follow: a. Automatic transposition is caused by the grammatical structure of a language and offers the translator no choice. The change of plural into, e.g. a pair of shorts in English becomes sebuah celana pendek in Indonesian. The change of position of the adjective, e.g. beautiful dress is translated into gaun yang

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